Monday, October 22, 2012

Four point Five

It was Declan's half birthday yesterday so I thought I would ask him some questions about where he is at right now- something I've been meaning to do since he turned four, which gives you an idea of where I'm at with my to-do list.  I made a little video, but feel I need to editorialize a little bit as there were a few answers that should have an asterisk beside them.  He had macaroni and cheese at a restaurant last week, and he listed that as his favourite food, but really it is probably peanut butter sandwiches.  He lists "Not Yet, Rose" as his favourite book, but that was just one that we had read at bedtime last night.  Really his favourite books are all Mo Willems offerings, the Knufflebunny series, and Elephant and Piggie especially.  He named his stuffie dog "Willems" after Mo Willems.  He lists a new favourite movie, which is probably not true, I would say that it is now "Ponyo" finally displacing the longstanding favourite, "Lady and the Tramp".

The way he jumps around in the video is pretty darn accurate.  His patience for more sedentary activities like drawing and colouring is increasing though.   I submit for your consideration, a sample of his work: 

Actual Phoebe
Declan's Rendition of Phoebe

Not bad, eh?  He has just started to write a couple of weeks ago.  To date, this is his magnum opus: 

Declan is doing more and more for himself- including to my dismay, picking out his own clothes.

  Gumboots are big for Fall of 2012.  He also made his first meal for himself today:   ants on a log.

This fall we are kind of in hiatus for extracurricular activities, but we are still in gymnastics.  Declan is eager to start up swimming and soccer again in the spring.    So that's the snapshot of this moment in time. I will try and ask him the same questions in 6 months and see how much things have changed.