Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday on the Gulf

In a race against the Gulf oil spill, we drove down to Destin, Florida, to enj0y the beaches for the holiday weekend. There was no oil in sight, and Destin was packed with happy holidaygoers. The beaches are beautiful - white sugar sand and no rocks, nicer than any beach I've seen in Hawaii. The water is a beautiful turquoise green, and about 87 degrees. Unfortunately the only time I brought my camera to the beach, storm clouds gathered, so I didn't get much in the way of pictures.
Declan loved the beach, and came up with a few interesting sentences on his own - "I want to ocean!" He also enjoyed the giant fireworks display the hotel put on for the fourth of july. Declan talked our ears off on the drive- 10 hours each way. He has really turned a corner with his speech. He counted aloud for the first time- all the way to eight. We are so proud!


  1. hooray! I'm glad that your trip was a success and that Declan is talking so much now. Counting! Cute pictures.

  2. Declan looks like a mini bodybuilder in that first picture!