Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

While in San Antonio we headed to SeaWorld for the day.  We took a behind the scenes tour that allowed us to see the park in the morning before it opened.  We got to feed dolphins and seals and have some other animal encounters.   This is definitely the way to see the park- no crowds.

A lizard named Genoble (sp?).

The trainers in the Shamu show don't get in the water with the Orcas anymore.  Guess they rethought that strategy.  Still wearing the whale outfits though.  That might get them in trouble one day.
This was such a fun day, as Declan is *just* getting the idea of exciting plans.  When I told him in the morning we were going to SeaWorld to feed dolphins, he replied "We are having an adventure!"  Several times during the day he would say that "this is so much fun".  That's the first time he's said anything abstract like that.  So I guess we just have to up the excitement ante around here to get that boy talking. 

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