Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Declan.

Declan went to a superhero themed birthday party on the weekend, but refused to put on his custom made cape and mask until all the other kids left and the party was over. That is why he is alone in all these pictures. But super-cute, no?

In other news, our trip to Denver was unsuccessful this go around.  They couldn't get my ovaries going, so Dr. Schoolcraft cancelled my cycle and we came home a week early.  He said that my poor response could be because I started this cycle so exhausted and depleted, or it could just be the end of the road for us, and the only way to know is to try again.  So we will head back for another cycle at the end of April.  To switch it up, Dr. Schoolcraft is putting me on a protocol that has never been tried before.  It will involve a few weeks of me taking testosterone and human growth hormone.  Time to man up!  I've never been a medical experiment before.

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