Sunday, April 24, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


We were excited to see a picture of Declan in the Sunday paper this morning.  We were going to the Easter egg hunt for dogs yesterday, and when Declan saw that I put Phoebe in a costume, Declan demanded to wear one too.  So I opted to put him in a dog costume.  As you do.  Only Nellie was allowed to retain her dignity.  The event consists of a hunt for 5,000 plastic eggs with dog treats inside hidden in the woods, a doggie Easter bonnet parade, and a dog-owner look-a-like contest. 

 Here are our three dogs posing with the Easter Bunny himself.    So of course we had the cutest crew there, so the photographer from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette took about 500 pictures of Declan with Phoebe and Nellie.  Alas, Phoebe got left out of the newspaper, because she just doesn't photograph as well as Nellie, even when she's in her cute bee costume.    We have often told people that we named her Phoebe because it is Greek for "where light goes to die".    Anyway, there are supposed to be more pictures of the event posted online, so I'm hoping there will be a good one with Phoebe in it too.

I hope Declan of the future will think it's cool to have a newspaper clipping of himself 30 years from now, when physical daily newspapers probably won't exist anymore.  Or maybe he will resent being photographed in a dog costume.  It could go either way.
Sharing the hunt spoils with Phoe-bee. 


  1. I LOVE THIS! Declan is such a cute kid, and the dogs look precious, too. I am glad to hear that the dog egg hunt was fun. Brilliant idea to let D wear the dog costume. It is always handy to have extra costumes around!