Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Birthday This Year.

So it is a truth universally acknowledged that I am pro-fuss when it comes to birthdays, including my own. I don't really understand those who actually want their birthdays to pass by without a big to-do. I mean, if you ever do something really meaningful in your life, children will get your birthday off school. Or at least there will be a Google doodle for you. Birthdays are a big deal.

So this year, infertility spoiled my birthday, as it fell right in the middle of another IVF cycle, and with no notice I ended up having to fly out to Denver on my own on my actual birthday.  This left us with about 40 minutes at 5 pm on the way to the airport for my grand birthday dinner. I chose El Porton to make use of an expiring Groupon, very glamourous. This could have been a fun family place, but Declan managed to fall asleep in the car on the way.  So this was my birthday celebration this year:

Good times. 

Although Fortune kindly seated a woman with a dazzling array of "Happy Birthday" balloons right beside me, so that bumped up the festive atmosphere considerably. 

It has been all worth it though, as my latest cycle has gone stunningly well so far.  After my last two cancellations, Dr. Schoolcraft had told me that that was pretty much predicative of future failure, but I talked him into letting me cycle one more time for closure's sake.  With my AMH now less than .1 ngl and a rocking antral follicle count of 1, we are squarely in the tilting-at-windmills territory here, with our chances of pregnancy hovering around zero.    However, I once again did 21 days of testosterone priming prior to this cycle, and this time it seems to be working.  Right now I have 11 follicles growing, which from an antral follicle count of 1, is some serious loaves-and-fishes miraculous type action.  This is the best I've ever done, in our 3 years of trying with assistance.   My doctor is absolutely flummoxed with how well my cycle is going.  It is fun to surprise a world-leading expert with how strange things things seem to go, wherever I am concerned. 

We are still, as always, a long way from baby, but it looks like we will definitely make it to retrieval  this time, probably next Tuesday.  Hoping to get 6 eggs so we will have enough to "push to blast" - ie. allow the embryos to develop 5 days into blastocytes before getting the deep freeze, instead of freezing at the day 3 embryo stage.  I have never made it that far before.   Keep your thoughts and prayers coming!  In the interim, I am revelling in a lot of spare time while I'm here in Denver by myself.  I'm not feeling terrific, but have nonetheless managed to drag my carcass over to Nordstrom's a couple times, so there's life in me yet.  Am thinking about going to a movie by myself for the first time ever tonight!  Am also contemplating catching up on my blogging...

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  1. You have a great way with words. I am sending prayers up and good vibes out to you. Thanks for sharing the exciting update!