Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spring Break - St. Maarten

We had the most fun on our last stop - at St. Maarten.   We had opted to take a powerboat tour of the island, which is not the sort of thing we normally would go for, but it was super fun.  We had a uber-German boat driver, to whom the whole sea was an autobahn. I've never gone so fast in a boat.  It was crazy, and Declan loved every minute of it.
Look at Declan's "I can't believe how fast we are going" face!
 We stopped at a variety of different snorkel spots and beaches on both the French and Dutch sides of the island.

Declan was excited to spot some sea turtles- this one had fish hitching a ride on his back.

We got some good beach time in too.

At one of the beaches we came upon a heap of iguanas.  Here Declan tries to feed them a blade of grass.

We had much better luck after getting a tray of kitchen refuse from a nearby restaurant.  The iguanas came a-runnin' after that!

We did make a stop at the famous "Airport Beach" which has St. Maarten's airport runway immediately adjacent.  I did not capture in the photo how thrillingly close the airplanes really do come to touching down on sunbathers. It was off the chain.

This just looks like an airplane flying by.  Was way more exciting than that in person.  I'm just not a great  photographer! I used up all my action shots on the iguana.

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