Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pub Trivia drives me to drink

Shane and I have been competing in a pub trivia tournament in Little Rock since February and clawed our way to the Tri-State finals in Memphis, with a first place prize of $5,000. We assembled our dream team, with our friend John from Little Rock, Catherine, the pop culture queen from Chicago and Steve the everything guru from Pittsburgh. There were 72 five person teams competing, but we were the only one with a uniform - matching terrycloth wristbands.

We look pretty unstoppable, eh? Going into the last question, we were in second place, and needed only to answer one more question right to bring home the bacon. We had to put these 4 events in chronological order - the Chicago Tylenol murders, the premiere of Growing Pains, the big screen debut of Stripes, and Bjorn Borg winning his last Single Men's Wimbledon title.

We had all the dates right, except we factored in the year of Borg's retirement, not his last Wimbledon win two years prior, which happened before Stripes. Brought down by the Borg. Sweded out of five grand. Seems ironic in light of the terrycloth wristbands.

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  1. Probably needed another McGuire on that team... I'm an old hand at pub trivia, for sure. Although I have difficulty when they start asking things like "how many pubs have you played pub trivia in?". Have found a couple in the White Rock area that have it (hey, we're in "White", you're in "Little".... cool!) and so warming up from several years hiatus on the circuit... used to burn up the screen in Toronto around the turn of the century.