Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg Quest 2010 Part Deux

Since we were thwarted at the Clinton Library, I decided to invite a few of Declan's friends over today for a practice egg hunt to get Declan trained up for the big time public hunts this weekend. Sounds like fun, right? So why the sourpuss? Maybe because he was getting schooled in egg collection by a bunch of girls. Out of 70 eggs seeded on the front lawn, Declan managed to get only one into his bunny basket. One. There were only 4 other kids there!

So what went wrong? I think it was a lack of motivation. He didn't realize that the eggs contained something. After all the eggs have beeen hunted and gathered, here is the exact moment when Shane helps Declan open his one and only easter egg and Declan realizes that there is CHOCOLATE inside those eggs. Oh snap!
So now he starts to surreptiously sneak eggs from the girls' baskets. Dirty pool. But everyone seemed to have a good time anyway.


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