Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heaven help me.

So we are about to start our first crack at IVF and I'm really freaking out about all the drugs. These are all the pills I have to take. I'm not kidding when I say that this is more prescription medication than I have taken in my entire life. I just say no to drugs! And that's not even anything compared to what I have to inject in me!

Look at this! In the blue boxes? Needles. In the 4 pint glasses? Needles. In the white boxes? Stuff to be sucked up into needles. Each box has 20 vials inside. And I'm supposed to shoot all this stuff into me in the next two weeks.

This is what Shane has to take. A course of antibiotics. I think they probably should have put in some painkillers for him because I am going to be riding the crazy train for the next two weeks.

I'm keeping close to me the handiwork of my dear friend Peter- signmaker extraordinaire of the Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan. Special shout out to me this week - Thanks Peter!


  1. OMG Lee-Ann, I knew that IVF was a difficult journey but I've never actually understood the amount of drugs you have to take. Wow. All crossable body parts are still crossed for you guys.

  2. That is just insane. I hope success comes quickly to minimize the pain and craziness!

  3. If you need any help on the crazy train (i.e. taking care of Declan), let me know!