Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scientific Observations

Since Declan has been slow coming into language, I have made some observations that might pass other parents by.   The more words children acquire, the more unreasonable demands they make.  This is a direct, straight line correlation.  Thanks to a year of intensive speech therapy with the good folks at Access Schools, Declan's demands are now pretty incessant. 

Whenever we are in the car, he points the opposite direction to where we are headed and demands to go the other way.  Whatever song is playing in the car, Declan demands "Different song on!"  Apparently, Mama's little hipster hates every song ever written.  A couple of weeks ago, Declan woke us up at 3 AM hollering that he wanted to go to the pumpkin patch and wanted to go NOW.  Almost daily I get a demand to go either to the airport or the grocery store.  How did he intuit the two places I least enjoy taking him to?  I have no idea.
Here is his demand this morning. It's a crummy video, but kind of a tearjerker if your name happens to be either Grandma or Grandpa.

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