Sunday, November 7, 2010


Tonight we went to an authentic Mexican fiesta - it was our housekeeper Sylvia's daughter's 3rd birthday.  Apparently in Mexican culture, the 3rd birthday for girls is a mini-quinceanera.  A tresanera if you will.  So it was a 3rd birthday with a rented hall, catered dinner a dj, and a 100+ guests.

I think these people just like to party.

Declan had a great time running around after all the other kids.  None of whom apparently have bedtimes. 

After the big kids finished a rousing game of musical chairs, Declan dragged his own chair into the center of the room and climbed up on it as if to say "What's the big deal?".

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  1. Love it! Yes it's true - we do like to party! Love the photo of Declan sitting in the chair!