Sunday, October 31, 2010

Actual Hallowe'en Day: Part 2

As darkness approached, Declan transformed into the purple crayon yet again, and we headed to a neighborhood Trunk-or-Treat.
Papa and Yaya came along.

There were all sorts of fun games and feats of strength the children had to perform in order to earn their candy.
Here you can see Declan master the ring toss.



We met up with Declan's friend Abbey who was masquerading as an adorable Alice in Wonderland.

After Trunk-or-Treat we returned to our neighbourhood for a little actual trick-or-treating. Declan rode his Buzz Lightyear ATV all around the neighborhood and seemed to be thrilled to be riding around a) on the streets b) in the dark and c) without a helmet. He did so great with his actual "trick-or-treat" greeting. His speech therapist, Miss Abby has been working hard on that phrase this week, and we have heard it morph from "trick-or-eat" last week into a pretty strong straight up "trick-or-treat". Our neighborhood was a bit of a bust - a lot of empty bowls left out on unattended front porches. One old lady actually gave Declan a quarter. Seriously? I guess she ran out of buffalo nickels.

 I can make mock her with impunity on here as I'm pretty sure anyone still handing out quarters on Hallowe'en isn't on the internet.

All in all, it was a wonderful hallowe'en. I have a strong suspicion that I am going to be hearing some clamoring tomorrow along the lines of "go trick-or-treat", or at the very least "put crayon on". We shall see.


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