Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. Independence

So Declan decided he wanted to pick out his own clothes for school today, starting with his red "Lil Slapshot" hockey shirt.   My sister bought it for him, and its not really my thing, but this is the second time Declan has insisted on wearing it to school.  He is half Canadian after all.  Then he picked out a pair of shorts in just a *slightly* different shade of red.  It was all very cute until he insisted wearing socks with his sandals and I died a little inside.   
His socks also say "Wingman" on them. 

I'm expecting a visit from Child Protective Services any minute now.                                  


  1. Ha! I love it! A little grunge guy running around in socks and sandals! All he needs is a plaid shirt and longer hair! I also love his backpack on rollers. Because he's got shit to do, people! The 2-year-old classroom is where it happens!

  2. I loved this posting; he looks so happy with his socked-feet stuffed into his sandals. Very Euro-Tourist. EB has been going for the same look, and she even got me wearing my socks with Birkenstock.