Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 2.5th Birthday Declan!

It was Declan's half-birthday on Sunday, and I had meant to do something fun to commorate the occasion, seeing as how his 2nd birthday party got cancelled (twice!) this year.  But I forgot, and didn't notice until it was 2.5 plus one day.  Oops.  Lucky for us we try and have big fun every day, so on his 2.5th birthday we went to the Rendezvous Festival at Pinnacle Mountain, came home and painted pictures, then went for a picnic dinner in Alsopp park with the Adams and the Gehringers, and then finally came home to smores and a campfire in the driveway with the neighbours. I couldn't have planned a better celebration if I had done it consciously. 

The Rendezvous festival was a recreation of the life of settlers and Native Americans in 1824.  In other words, larping.  They had some cool teepees set up and demos of hide tanning, blacksmithing and all that sort of thing.  It was practically educational.

Declan's favourite part was Ye Olde Pioneere Bouncy House.

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