Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boxing Day.

Christmas with Declan was so much fun this year.  He was right into everything, Santa, our tree and especially getting all the presents.   My favourite part came on Boxing Day.  I was going through Declan's closet looking for some summer clothes for our trip to Mexico, and coincidentally came across a little Santa Suit, complete with hat, size 18 months.  I have no idea where it came from, beyond the Bay?   Anyway, Declan was on that suit like white on rice. He insisted on putting it on immediately and wore it for 2 days.  He really committed himself to character, only saying "ho" for hours at a time.  To the point where I started to get a little worried. 

I got some cute pictures though.

We opened presents from Canada on Boxing Day, and when Declan got an outfit from my sister, he would only put try it on over the Santa suit.

At one point, I heard a funny noise downstairs, and came down to find Santa Declan had commandered an ornamental sleigh.

This went on and on.  Here is a short chat with the Old Man himself.

This went on for a lonnnng time, until Santa plum fell right asleep.

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