Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mexico: Where we went.

We planned this trip about 6 days before leaving, because of having to work our way around our fertility treatments.  Everything just kind of fell into place, and we were able to meet up with my old friend Roscoe and his wife Anna, and son, Finley who is just a few months younger than Declan.   It made for a great holiday combination,  combining relaxation, adventure and visiting with friends. 

We opted to go to Playa del Carmen, which is a smallish tourist town about an hour south of Cancun.  We didn't have much to choose from, as at this late date, most of the hotels were all booked up. We ended up at a middling level all-inclusive resort, with a beautiful beach.

Declan was all about lounging on the beach chairs.  Mommy was all about the fruity drinks they would bring to you in said chairs.

For some reason., Declan pretty much didn't eat a thing the whole week we were away even though the food was almost exactly the same as he would eat at home.  He survived solely on chocolate milk. 

Our resort bordered the jungle, so there were all manner of creatures lurking about the landscaping.  Declan's favourite were the coati, who had been well accustomed to being hand fed fruit and bread by hotel guests.  This was very confusing to Declan, as coati are portrayed on Dora the Explorer as bloodthirsty jungle predators.  So I got a lot of great shots of Declan fleeing from coati in alarm.

There were also a number of feral housecats that lived on the property.  So we bought some cat food at the bodega and Declan really enjoyed trying to feed them as they would dart out from the bushes.

But while feeding the kitties, out came another coati looking for a handout.  Declan escaped by fleeing up a tree.

The resort also offered a bunch of activities for the kids.  We did a craft session where the kids could paint some Mayan style pottery, and they had all these clay forms of Mayan symbols for the kids to choose from.  Declan passed over all the traditional Mayan pieces and managed to uncover the one American option:  a Lightning McQueen piggy bank.   He did a pretty good job painting it though!
As nice as the resort was, we also enjoyed getting off property and checking out Playa del Carmen, which is a cute little town.  There is a lively little pedestrian street with a bunch of vendors and restaurants that runs the length of town.  Here Finley is pushing Declan down the street.

  We found some good local restaurants, including one particularly brilliant one that had a trampoline in it, so as we ate dinner, the boys could jump their little hearts out. 

That is an idea whose time had come. 

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