Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Three Hour Tour, or Thereabouts

So I'm in the midst of planning our summer holidays, and before I can do that with a clear conscience, I must make the blog posts from our last holiday- when we went to Playa del Carmen over New Year's.  We had such a great trip, meeting up with our friends Roscoe and Anna, and their son Finlay, who were at the time living in exile in Panama.  We got to do quite a bit of sightseeing, and had a great time.  One afternoon on our Playa del Carmen holiday we chartered a small boat to take us fishing and snorkelling.  It was Declan's special request as he had been watching the boats from the beach and had been asking to go on a boat ride, and it turned out to be one of my favourite parts of our holiday.  It was a picture perfect day.  We didn't get much of a snorkel in as Declan was not having any of it. 

He didn't want to get off our boat for love or money.  We did do some fishing though.  I caught a red snapper, and Shane and Declan asked that their fishcounts not be publicized here.  After a couple of hours on the sea, we were taken to a private beach where we played in the sand and relaxed while our rather grizzly looking captain prepared us lunch.  I watched him prepare fresh amberjack ceviche on the back of the boat, and I must say, it was the best ceviche I've ever had.  So delicious I can't even tell you.  The whole lunch was the best meal we had in Mexico, which in part was due to the beautiful setting I'm sure, but Captain Gritty McGrizzle was definitely a diamond in the rough when it comes to the culinary arts.  Who would have thought?

Our divine lunch spot. 

Some pelicans came by looking for ceviche scraps.

The view of our hotel from the water.

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