Thursday, June 16, 2011

Xcaret: Everything you could imagine.

I cajoled the Pridmores into joining us for a day at Xcaret, the Mexican Disneyland.   I, arguably, may have oversold it, as the park where whatever you could imagine, could be seen or done there.  Swim with Dolphins. Zipline, rodeos, manatee lagoon, monkey island, shark tank, the list went on and on. It turned out that Roscoe could imagine quite a few things that weren't offered at Xcaret, and spent the better part of the  day enumerating them to me.
What we did manage to do there was go swimming in an underground river. It took about an hour to get from A to B with Finlay and Declan in tow, but it was pretty cool.

Declan didn't know the Mayan warrior was right behind him poised to pounce.  He would not have been too keen about that.

We also got to see the Flying Men of Papantla, one of the cultural attractions at Xcaret.  It is a bunch of men playing musical instruments while hanging upside down spinning around a May pole sort of thing.  As you do.  It is named as a "Representative of Intangible Culture of Humanity" by UNESCO. 
Intangible, indeed, eh Roscoe?
Baby turtles!
We hiked through a Jungle River Trail to take a boat ride, that unbeknowst to us until boarding, was supposed to be undertaken in complete silence, as an homage to the natural beauty that surrounded us.  Two year olds, it turns out, are not so good with undertaking things in complete silence.  Here we are trying our best to hush Finlay and Declan to no avail. 

There was a notably childless woman sitting directly behind us who became quite incensed that we could not control our children.  She was tsk-ing louder than Declan and Finlay were talking.  As soon as the boat docked she jumped off and started writing FURIOUSLY in the guest book.  You could see her punctuating from a block away.  I am not sure what she wrote, but if anyone goes to Xcaret anytime soon, please have a look and see what she wrote about us.   Look for the entry with a lot of underlining. 

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