Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another First: First Field Trip

Declan's class had their very first field trip this month to Bobrook Farm's Pumpkin Patch.  My favourite memory of this momentous occasion came about a week before though.  We had to find a short sleeved navy t-shirt; I'm not sure if this is an American thing or a Southern thing, but whenever kids go on field trips they all must wear matching shirts.    I couldn't find a short-sleeved T anywhere, as my regular stores had all moved on to fall fashions.  So in search of the elusive navy T, I thought I'd check at Wal-Mart to see if they had them (they did), but when I told Declan where we were going, he complained "Can't we go to Target or Dillard's??"  Three year-old getting all uppity about Wal-Mart.  *Snerk*

First up, the Hay-ride

With his speech therapist, Ashley.

With his teachers Whitney, Ashley and Courtney.  Why he loves going to school so much, I'll never know. 

Pumpkin retrieval.

In the hay maze- he's maze crazy these daysies.

With his friend Kennedy

With his friend Sam.

Check out those tonsils!  I have a friend Amy that said the sentence she least ever wants to hear is "Does this look infected?"  and that is all I can think of when I see this picture.


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