Thursday, November 3, 2011

Declan as Banksy

 For Hallowe'en this year, Declan had two costumes, as described in this email exchange with his teacher Miss Whitney, that for some reason really made me laugh. 

Whitney:  What is Declan going to be for Halloween? I know you were trying to decide between 2 things, and Shane told me today he wasn’t sure exactly what you and Declan decided.  We need to know what his costume will be for one of our groups tomorrow. Thanks!

Me:  Well he has two costumes to pick from. We were trying to decide between going as a cow or going as Banksy, the international graffiti artist. Could he go to the parade as Banksy, and the party as a cow, or if that's too convoluted, maybe we had better err on the side of cow.
Whitney:  Well, I think for clarity’s sake – let’s just go with the cow, if that’s alright.  Cause tomorrow, in one of our groups, they are going to complete a sentence saying “I will be a ______ for Halloween” so let’s just go with cow.

So Declan was a cow for his class activities, but when given the choice for trick-or-treating, he opted for his Banksy costume.     Here he is in action at home: 

 He had great fun trick-or-treating with his friends Abbey and Kate, and I had great fun listening to him try and explain his costume to various geriatric neighbours.

I loved this year's costume, but for me, it still runs second to his 18-month old appearance as

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