Thursday, November 24, 2011

Annual Thanksgiving Pageant

Declan's preschool Thanksgiving pageant was staged yesterday morning.  The three year-olds did a rollicking little number entitled "11 Little Indians" which was pretty cute, political incorrectness notwithstanding.  For those who want the full multi-media experience- here is the crummy video I shot.  Declan is the first horse out of the gate, but he freezes in his tracks when he sees me in the audience.

This still marks an improvement over  last year when he burst into tears when he saw me.  Progress! 

The rear view of his authentic native garb. 

Declan's Papa and Yaya came to see the show and share in the turkey feast that followed.  I tried to take a nice family picture of them all together but as soon as he is holding hands with two people at the same time, Declan is conditioned to automatically start swinging.

For dessert, I put a piece of pumpkin pie in front of Declan and turned around to get him a fork. By the time I turned back, the pie was already all the way in his piehole, no fork required. 

For the feast all the kids make their own placemat which proudly broadcasts what they are thankful for. Here are some heartwarming samples from some of his classmates:

And here's Declan's:

All the other kids are thankful for their mommies and mine is thankful for a retro canine movie star.
Alrighty then.  The worst part is that every night before bed for the last six months or so, we say what we are thankful for that day, so Declan has tons of practice saying sweet things about his family.  But when the time comes to go public, he's all about Rin Tin Tin.  It's one thing to get trumped by a dog, but a dead dog?  Too much to take, I tell you.

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