Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinner at Noma, Anyone? Foodie friends? Strangers?

We have come into a reservation at Noma, widely regarded as the best restaurant in the world, but now we need to find another dozen people to join us for dinner at Noma in Copenhagen on Thurday, August 30th at 7.15 pm.  Dining at Noma is supposed to be quite the experience, described on their website as "our personal rendition of Nordic gourmet cuisine with an innovative gastronomic take on traditional cooking methods, fine Nordic produce and the legacy of our shared food heritage".    Interested?

 Noma  has been declared to be the the Best Restaurant in the World in each of the last three years, after inheriting the mantle from El Bulli in Spain in 2010.   When Restaurant magazine declared Noma as the best in the world, it described Noma thusly:

 Something truly significant is taking place at Rene Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant.  Noma is a homage to soil and sea, a reminder of the source of our food. Take his starter of crunchy baby carrots from the fertile Lammefjorden region of Denmark, served with edible "soil" made from malt, hazelnuts and beer, with a cream herb emulsion beneath - you are literally eating the earth!  Great restaurants are a blend of sophisticated cooking, imaginative ideas and respect for ingredients. Noma is more than this.

Doesn't that make you want to eat there?  Not so fast.  It is exceedingly difficult to get a reservation at Noma.  According to some, it is the hardest reservation to get in the world and that legend has been borne out by our experience. We have been unable to get a reservation by phone or online on the allocated reservation days, despite numerous attempts.  As was the case when we wanted to go to the French Laundry, another former #1 restaurant, we have found a bit of a backdoor to dining there, and that is to rent their private staff room.  We have a confirmed reservation for the private room on August 30th, so now all we need are 13 others to join us!   The menu is the same 20 course one you get in the rest of the restaurant; the only difference is you are seated in a private room on the second floor.

Now we figure with the expense of getting to Copenhagen as well as the expense of the dinner itself, we might be going beyond the circle of our acquaintance to fill our table, so feel free to forward this invitation to any foodies/travellers/etc you might know.  Should be an interesting way to meet some people, right?  If you have any questions you can post here or email me at  Come join us!


  1. Our Noma table is pretty much full now, but feel free to send me an email and I will keep you apprised if anything opens up.

  2. Update- We now have 3 spots open so if anyone is interested, drop me a line!