Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unexpected Detour

With about 15 hours notice, I flew to Denver this afternoon to attempt yet another IVF egg retrieval cycle at CCRM. I've had my cycles cancelled so often that I really don't expect to go, but then all of a sudden I get the call and have to get gone.  I had booked about 14 appointments this week, meetings, cocktails and birthday parties and so forth, fully intending to be in Little Rock, but now here I am.  If you are expecting to see me this week, I'll be calling you tomorrow.  Wish me luck: I'm off to a better start than ever before, but many hurdles yet to clear.  
In other news, I have left these two behind to fend for themselves whilst I am gone. Wish them luck too!  They look ready for anything.

On the upside, I should manage to catch up with my blogging while here. Lisa, your wish came true.

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