Friday, June 8, 2012

Question: What Do You Get When You Put a Chimpanzee with Anger Management Issues on Display at the Zoo?

A: The best field trip ever!

Note my awesome maternal skills kicking in:  Hang on, my injured child.  I will comfort  you as soon as I finish being doubled over with laughter.

The rest of the zoo field trip was uneventful and pleasantly free from further poo-flinging incidents. 

Feeding the Lorikeets

Hangin with the Elephant

Riding the gorilla with his buddies Gavin and Sheriff.

Recently some research was done research came out  suggesting that children stop being irrestibly adorable at age four-and-a-half, but it looks to me like this lot still has a few good months left in them: 

What a bunch of cutie-pies!

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  1. excellent camera work Lee-Ann! very exciting!