Saturday, May 11, 2013



We spent a quality day at LEGOLAND, which was actually a really great amusement park for Declan's 4 year old self.  He was big enough to go on just about all the rides, including their big roller coasters.  Here's our roller coaster selfies!


Got no time for Two-Brick Hussies.
The Joust Ride

With his wookie buddy.


If you ask Declan about LEGOLAND, he will tell you that there was one terrible ride which essentially strapped you into a pirate ship and then unceremoniously dunked you into hypothermic water.  When you disembarked, shivering and miserable, there was a strategically placed towel stand, selling towels for $20 a pop.  To which I say, well played LEGOLAND, well played.  
If you ask me what the worst part of LEGOLAND was, you will get a different answer.  Every year Shane and I go to Las Vegas for a getaway.  We have always told Declan it is a city for grownups, and not fun for kids, so he's never been too upset to be left at home.  Well now that he's seen Las Vegas rendered in Lego, it looks like maybe Vegas is the most fun place on Earth.  He ran around pointing out all the Las Vegas features "it has an Eiffel tower, and a castle, and gondolas and a pyramid, and there's a giant circus right in the middle of town!"  Well when you put it like that, it does look like a lot of  fun for kids doesn't it??   I am anticipating much complaining the next time we try to go without Declan.  Thanks LEGOLAND! 
Declan was happy to see they fixed the Sphinx's face.  Everything is better in Vegas. 

A nod to Legoland's attention to detail:  Lego Las Vegas had streets full of Lego men handing out pamphlets on the street!


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