Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Thunder Snow of Christmas 2012

 We were in the midst of a lovely Christmas dinner at our friends' the Lawrences when the dreaded thunder snow came to town.  Emily must have worked for days making that dinner, with a beautiful roasted duck main course and elaborate accoutrements, and they lost power right in the middle of dinner.  When we looked outside, we started to get pretty nervous about how quickly the snow was accumulating and decided we had better leave forthwith.  We got about half a mile before Shane's car got thoroughly stuck in the now pretty much impassable roads.  We lucked into a lift home from Byron's brother who happened to be passing through with a 4WD truck.  We returned home to lose power ourselves later that night.   It would be 5 days before we would get power back.

That's how I felt.

The damage from the storm was so extensive that hundreds of thousands of houses were out of power.  It is crazy how quickly things went sideways- it is different from any snowstorm I've experienced in Canada.  The problem comes from temperatures dropping too quickly from the usual mild weather, so that all the trees freeze, and so many trunks crack and limbs break, taking down basically all the power lines in the city. 

One of our neighbours, bad time to have your house for sale.

Our big front yard tree snapped in two.

Tbere were some fun parts to the storm of course.  We never miss an opportunity to learn new things.

We took refuge in Shane's parents' house in Benton, as they had the good sense to have a generator and the kind hearts to take us in, Phoebe included.  The only pictures I took made it look like conditions were dire, but truthfully we all had a good time.  I like these pictures, misleading though they be!


Quarters were a little cramped with all six of us under one roof.

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