Monday, April 9, 2012

Actual Easter Morning

We had some houseguests staying with us over Easter weekend, the Sweiggart family needed a stopping ground as they relocated from Little Rock to California.   With all the West Coast friend drain that has been going on over the past year, Declan keeps asking when we are going to move to California.  He is beginning to think of it as the Promised Land.  Anyhow, the Easter bunny left baskets in the hallway with some little toys inside for Declan, Aria, and Aspen. 

When they went downstairs, the kids found the Easter Bunny's icing sugar footprints on the front door step.  Apparently he always lays tracks at the Sweiggarts.   It was a great novelty for Declan.
Which may explain why an hour or so later I found Declan by himself on the front porch, with dropped trou, PEEING on the Easter Bunny's footprints because he "wanted to see what would happen".   In the name of scientific inquiry and all that.


Followed up with some Easter morning pajama ziplining. As you do.

That night, the Koch family came over for dinner and an egg hunt.  For some reason, when it came time to hunt for eggs, Declan went and put Phoebe's hamburger costume on.  I guess he figured it worked well for her. 

It didn't slow him down any, and he, Aria and Emma managed to find almost all the eggs.  I had stuffed all the blue eggs with personalized clues for each kid, to lead them on a treasure hunt to find a present hidden by the Easter Bunny.

Declan did a great job of putting his clues in order to find the Connect 4 game the Easter Bunny left for him.
Aria solved her puzzle to find a crown. 
The kids really enjoyed solving the puzzles for the treasure hunt, so it was a well-received twist on the regular egg hunt.  Since by the time Easter actually rolls around, most kids have been on half-a-dozen easter egg hunts, and are all jellybeaned up already.   Feel free to take a picture of my great Easter egg hunt innovation with your instagram and pin it to something.  No charge.

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