Monday, April 9, 2012

Doggone Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday we partook in the annual Doggie Easter Egg Hunt in Reservoir park.  Declan dressed as a chef and Phoebe as a cheeseburger. 

Homicidal Easter Bunny choking Phoebe

At the starting line, ready to hunt. 

Declan told me on the way to the hunt "Mommy, I am probably going to try one of the doggie treats while we are there"  True to his word, he ate a rather largish dog biscuit in its entirety.
Declan was keen on collecting eggs for Phoebe but she did not need any help.  She was able to ferret them out on her own, pop them open in her mouth and eat the dog treat inside.

Phoebe won a prize in the talent contest:  3rd place in the Fastest Tail Wagger.  She seemed quite pleased with herself.
Look at how that Hamburger stacks up.

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