Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Saturday

So Saturday was a big day for us with four planned events. We had an Easter Carnival and Egg Hunt at
Calvary Baptist and a Dog Easter Egg Hunt at Reservoir Park, then Sadie's first birthday party, then dinner at the Becks. WIth a big day like that ahead you have to prepare. I was most worried about getting Declan in fighting trim for his egg hunt. We started off the morning with some carbo loading and a last minute practice egg hunt in the living room.
We knew that all the other kids would be encumbered by their Easter fancies- seersucker suits and flouncy dresses, so we pulled out the tracksuit and
sneakers for Declan. We loosened him up with a few rounds of "Bunny Hoops" at the Easter Carnival , then it was time for the big dance. All our hard work paid off and Declan collected 12 eggs all on his own! Huzzah!

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  1. I love Declan's Easter outfit. And the sheer joy that one m&m can bring a two year old!