Saturday, April 17, 2010


I kind of left it hanging there. After our last post about my

crazy-o-meter, I decided that I had misrepresented myself. I was having a couple of really bad days but they weren't on account of the drugs. So really I've been at zero all week. Even more impressively, since coming to Chicago I have been injecting myself with 3 needles a day. The first one was a bit dramatic for my needle phobic self, but with only telephone support from a licensed psychologist and last minute coaching from my personal physician, and about 85 false starts and resterilizations I did it. Now it's nothing. I am so punk rock about it now. This morning I was injecting myself with my left hand while physically fending off a crying toddler with my right. I am very proud of myself!

Unfortunately it is looking more and more like it is all for naught. My follicles are just not responding to the medication. My RE has extended the "stimming" part of the cycle to give my body more of a chance to respond but I feel like we are prolonging the inevitable. I go back Tuesday morning for another look-see.

In happier news, Declan turns two tomorrow. For one of his birthday celebrations, we turned his car seat- he's officially forward facing now! One more step to official bigboydom.

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