Thursday, April 22, 2010

Egg Quest Fail!

So my IVF cycle got cancelled today for poor response. I got a much better response from my gmail account getting hacked. It turns out that mass spamming everyone you have ever emailed inthe past few years with an ad to cure ED is actually an effective way to reconnect with forgotten friends. In your face, Facebook! I even got an email from my Auntie Betty. It really brightened my day to hear from everyone.
To brighten your day, here is a cute picture of my dad and Declan at Wrigley Field. A silver lining to my IVF fail has been the opportunity to spend so much time in Chicago. I really like this town.
I had been lining planning to go to do my next cycle in Denver if this one didn't work, but as of today, I loathe Denver and everything it stands for. So now who knows where we will go!

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