Monday, May 23, 2011

Greek Food Festival and Other International Dealings

We went to the Greek Food Festival, which I always enjoy. It is my annual affirmation that people with kids are desperate for things to do, because the number of people who show up for a gyros and a flea market is truly astounding. They get me every year. This year was another metric of Declan's big boy self being able to attack everything now- including the giant slide and big kid bouncy house.

He also got his very first face painting- something he wouldn't have sat for last year for love or money. 
Declan selected his own design- two pink hearts.

Note return of the freckles!  I heart summertime!

That night after Declan went to bed, Shane and I ended our three year puzzle battle hiatus. As many of you will remember when I was pregnant with Declan, Shane and I used to buy 2 copies of the same puzzle and race to see who could put it together the quickest. I never won! Never! Not even close. But last night was my night, as we dusted off two copies of a never before completed spherical globe puzzle, and battled for world supremacy. And I won.

Look at my completed globe against the backdrop of all the unassembled pieces on my worthy opponent's side of the table.  A victory four years in the making!


  1. Congratulations! I know how you feel. I beat Jim at Scrabble the other day for possibly the first (well, maybe 2nd) time EVER!

    We used to go to the Greek Food Festival, too when we lived in LR. It's amazing!

  2. You have such a sweet little boy! The heart face painting coupled with the freckles is a killer combo. Love that guy.