Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Son, the Comedian.

Declan's really into making people laugh these days.  I have heard reports of his playing the role of class cut-up at school, and we see a lot of the same at home.   He will do something funny, and then observe with great self-satisfaction that "I make you laugh."  It is very interesting to watch him try and be funny with intention.  He has an innate comedic sense, but unfortunately seems to have inherited my propensity to run a bit into the ground.  Laugh at one of Declan's jokes, and you can expect to hear it 50 more times.

Here he is at Papa and Yaya's house. He was having his picture taken with Shane's granny who was visiting from San Antonio, and Shane's Uncle Terry told Declan to say "Whisky" instead of "Cheese", which garnered a little chuckle from the viewing audience. That was enough to get him rolling, and keep him rolling long after his photo session was over.  Watch him try and amp up interest with a little "Preschoolers Gone Wild" moment after the 20th rehashing.  I couldn't be more proud.


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