Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arkansas' #1 Export

This seemed like a natural choice for Declan's first Hallowe'en costume given his propensity for crossing the road for no reason whatsoever. He has got three time outs this week already for trying to cross the street at the playground unaccompanied.

More importantly chicken is one of Arkansas' biggest exports and Declan is about to be exported for the first time - for Christmas in Canada - yay!

In the interim Declan started off his Hallowe'en celebration with a party at Susan's. Here he is monkeying around with James. Awesomely when he was seated in his costume he wasn't able to get up easily. Next year Declan is going as a mermaid. Give mommy a chance to sit and have a glass of wine already.

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  1. The picture of him in front of Susan's house just makes me laugh! He looks so fuzzy and forlorn!