Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vegas (No) Baby Vegas!

We are just back from a great weekend in Vegas. Shane had got me tickets to U2 for my birthday as I had never had seen them in concert before- partly because of my resistance to large venues and partly because of my since disavowed hipster pretensions. Shane chose the Vegas tour stop as the most fun weekend getaway option - a wise decision. We stayed at the Bellagio which was another first for me.
We didn't realize that the stadium where the show was was so far away from the strip and we heard that it would be impossible to get a cab back. We called the concierge to get a car service to get out there and found out that because of the concert there wasn't a single car or limo for rent in all of Vegas - except one 30 seat party limo complete with stripper pole. We took it! And told the concierge that if anyone else was looking for a ride they could come with us. So we ended up taking 28 strangers from all over the world to the concert with us. It was so much fun! One of our passengers was an Irishman named Declan. He was very excited to hear that we had named our son Declan and now we have a place to stay in Cork.
A bunch of Shane's friends from med school were in Vegas that weekend so we met up with them a few times over the weekend. I've never been out for dinner with so many doctors before. I should have choked on something while I have the chance.

For the first time we left Vegas with more $$ than we came with. We played craps and slots and cards and did some sports betting too and could not lose! It would have been hard to leave if we didn't miss our Declan so much. On our way out of town we got our cabbie to take us through the In'N'Out drive thru! Perfect end to a perfect weekend. Good times!

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