Friday, October 16, 2009

Night of a Thousand Terrors

We went to the Arkansas State fair tonight and terrified Declan in dozens of different ways. It started when he was shown a baby bunny which scared him witless.

And then a parade of fluffy ducklings made him want to head for the hills.

A robotic fire truck chased him around the Hall of Industry.
Then it was time for the rides. The carousel wasn't too bad. Until it started to move.

The flying elephant was terrifying.

"What have I done to deserve this?"

Declan had the last laugh though by falling in love with an unlicensed clown fish that Shane won for him (by beating some children at a midway sharpshooting-in-the-clown's mouth- game) Dec loves that thing!


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  1. You know, Lee-Ann: the only problem I have with your blog is that your captions are so clever that I always feel my comments would pale in comparison! I'm just so inferior with the word-smithing!