Monday, October 12, 2009

Huzzah for Fall Weekends

Started off at the Wonder Place with James.

Then we road-tripped up to Fayetteville to meet Velvet, our puppy mama. She is 4 weeks away from delivery. Her ultrasound shows 5 puppies and we are second in line for a girl, so we have a good chance at finally getting a puppy. We took Declan to his first and last Razorbacks game of the season.
eThe Hogs won but I didn't get to see a minute of the game.We stayed with the James' and Declan enjoyed playing with Kate, Abby and Alex. Dec now thinks that all children are named Kate Abby or James.
At the James', Declan got to play with a whole new houseful of toys. This was his first time on a tricycle and he didn't know what to do with his feet.


  1. that tricycle picture is adorable. what a cute kid!

  2. We played with a toy like the one in the first picture when we were kids! My great-uncle Tommy made it and it was full of marbles to send down the chute. It was hours of entertainment for us. Also, I can't wait to meet your puppy. I am hoping and praying that you really get one this time. :)