Saturday, October 31, 2009

"No Place Like Home!"

For trick or treating Declan's third and final costume after Ali G. and the Chicken (sounds like morning zoo radio DJs) was to play Toto to Nellie's Dorothy. -

Declan's buddy James came over to do some trick or treating - they went to two whole houses!

Here they are playing with the slinkies they got at the Lasiters'.

At the Teboe's house - "When I push this button chocolate comes out!"
Signing "more!" outside the Teboe's.

Scary decorations!

Time to head home! And then grownups went to a bonfire block party and then a costume party at Drew Lott's. Shane was an SEC referee and I started out as the Octomom but lost a baby somewhere along the line.

Prize of the Day goes to Nellie for bringing some quiet dignity to her role as Dorothy.

"You call this a rescue?"

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