Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 4: La Spezia, Italy

So today we were scheduled for a boat tour of Cinque Terre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Somehow our enthusiasm for World Heritage Sites although palpable did not suffice to wake us up in time to catch our tender.  We just missed it by a mere 120 minutes.  Hair's breadth.  Catch you next time, Cinque Terre.  Until then, I have no idea how to pronounce you. 

So by the time we got up and mobile, the only thing there was time for was to take a bus out to Pisa and see the sight. Secretly I was not too disappointed, cause you all know how I love a novelty photo.

   I am not the only one in Pisa. I loved walking around Pisa and seeing people from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe trying to strike the same pose. 

With the right model, it only takes one shot.

Lining up a three-year-old afflicted with congenital ants-in-the-pantsitis is a different story.
A little to the right...
No, no - your right!
Around the other side...

Back it up a little more ....

Not that much!
 After all that tough modelling work, a little gelato was in order.  Right about the time this picture was taken, gypsies picked Shane's pocket and stole his iPhone.  Being robbed by gypsies is apparently a standard part of the Pisa experience.  Now we feel very European.

Now visiting Pisa reminds a lot of visiting Stonehenge.  You arrive, say it leans or it stands as the case may be, and then you are pretty much done.  The only other thing to see in Pisa besides the Leaning Tower is row upon row of stalls featuring slanted souvenirs, so we tendered our way back to the ship.

Upon our return, and herein lies the win-win genius of the Disney cruise holiday, we checked Declan into the kids' club for a couple of hours, and went to play trivia in the pub.  Declan was thrilled to get some time in the Nirvana that is kids' club, and we enjoyed the heck out of a couple child-free hours, while racking up a couple more keychains for our collection.  Then we retrieved the boy, went for dinner with Wendy, then collapsed on the staircase because of fun overload. 

Day 4 Summation
Origami towel:  Sad hounddog
Norwalk Contraction:  Negative

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