Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 8: Mallorca

Our last stop was in the Balearic Islands, at the "family" island of Mallorca.  According to our dining companion, Rajeesh, Ibiza is where you go when you are single, Minorca, when you are married but childless, and Mallorca, when you are married with children.  Me, I just go where Disney tells me.   And today, for the first time, going where Disney told me was a big mistake.  We hadn't planned anything for our Mallorca port excursion, so I sought advice at the Disney shore excursion office.  They recommended a half-day trip inland to a market where locals sell artisan wears and handcrafted goods.  Since we hadn't done any shopping really, I thought it might be a nice trip.  We took an hour long bus ride, and were dumped off at the crappiest flea market I've ever seen. 

You can't find crap like this stateside.

This is authentic Mallorcan crap.

I guess when Disney said "artisan wears", they actually meant second-hand underwears.

Here's Declan at the flea market in Mallorca, asking to go back to the boat.

The only thing remotely quaint about this market was the live bird seller, which lost some of its charm when you noticed the next stall over...

We had three hours to kill, and we obviously weren't going to be shopping, being all stocked up on second-hand underwear already, so we wandered around until we found a playground.

There was some verboten kicking of rocks...
Time Out:  Mallorca
We were glad to finally return to the boat.  I filled out a complaint form regarding this excursion but Disney never responded to my request for a refund for the excursion fare.  This was the only misstep in our holiday, but I was expecting them to be more responsive to my complaint.  Perhaps I made one too many references to used underwear.
We were glad to return to our room to a special bonus midday origami puppy.

Even better, when we got back to the ship we discovered that Declan had grown enough overnight to go on the three-story Mickey waterslide that he was too short to go on the day before.  So he went on it about 100 times, and smiled big each and every time.

Then when we came back to our room, I got treated to this little dance.  Perhaps there was too much underwear talk today.

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