Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Vail

We had a great mini-holiday in Vail over Thanksgiving.  It is the shoulder season there, so it was very uncrowded and laid back.  There were lots of great deals on, with half-price hotels and lots of deep discounts at the many fine restaurants in Vail.  We took Declan out for a few fine-dining meals.  Our favourite was at Larkspur, the first restaurant that I have ever seen with options for both tastings prix-fixe on the children's menu. We stuck with a la carte. All I need is for Declan to be taking half-a-bite out of 5 courses instead of one. On the plus-side, nary a chicken nugget or french fry in sight, so there was that.   We also enjoyed meals at Sweet Basil and La Tour, if you're headed to Vail any time soon.   Red Lion was a fine pub, where we ate lunch twice, and took in the happy part of the Razorbacks' last regular season game.

Now, you have seen Declan's ski school prowess, but here is your chance to marvel at his apres-ski abilities.  He comes by it honestly.

Our hotel had a heated outdoor pool and hot tubs which allowed us to swim while it was snowing, which Declan thought was pretty cool.  Hot tubs in the snow for me brings up many a fond memory. Then back to our room to warm-up in front of the fire.

Room service PB&J for dinner.  Only cost a small withdrawl from Declan's 529 college savings plan. 
Just kidding.  He doesn't have a 529 plan!

Cool pirateship playground

On our last night of holiday, we went to the 4 Eagle Ranch for a cowboy style dinner and a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snowy Colorado mountains.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough snow to pull the sleigh, so it ended up being a wagon ride, but it was still breathtakingly beautiful.  I can't remember when I've been able to see so many stars.  The night sky views were enhanced by our head-injured* wagonmaster, who would randomly point out a celestial object and claim "That is Jupiter right there!"  The dark of night doesn't photograph too well, so all I came with was a shot of the draught team's rears as we headed back to the ranch for dinner and dancing. 

 Declan soon found himself a willing pardner in a cutie-pie 2 year-old girl who was quite taken with him.  They danced the night away. 

Bustin' a move.

After-dinner s'mores

Back to the hotel's snug.

*purely supposition on my part.


  1. Not cool. Abbey will be very upset that Declan was dancing with another girl.

  2. Aww- he misses her terribly! A couple of days ago out of the blue he sighed and said "Abbey is too far away." So sad!