Sunday, December 18, 2011

In Conclusion: Trip Summation and the Revelation of Our Proprietary Travel Secret

So really, how were we able to haul a three-year old preschooler half-way to half-way across the world?  Visit museums, archaelogical sites and points of historical interest relatively unmolested; indulge in fine-dining in crayonless restaurants, and all that good stuff? I have two words for you:  I. Pad. 

Choosing apps in the Hall of Maps.

Chuzzle in the Vatican Museum

Pacman in the Barcelona Bistro

Privacy Setting
Surfing in the Sistine Chapel

So thanks to Steve Jobs for affording us the opportunity to globetrot with impunity.  I hope the moments of peace we enjoyed are now returned to him a thousand-fold.

So for those of you who haven't slogged through the previous 13 blog posts I did about our holiday and instead skipped to the end to see how it turned out, here is a handy synopsis:  We had a fantastic time.  For those of you wanting to holiday with children, I recommend cruising with Disney without reservation, and Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit.  Four stars.

For those of you who actually read all the foregoing posts, I salute you. 
And worry about you, a little.


  1. I read the whole review from start to finish as we are hoping to take a Disney med cruise next year. It looks like you all had wonderful time. I'm curious about the iPad though..we are off to italy in 2 weeks time and I did consider taking ours with us however I'm not so sure that it is sturdy enough to let a 4.5 yr old have it..what kind of protective case did you have on it?

    1. We did have a wonderful time- highly recommend! We have the Otterbox case on the Ipad, but what we should really have is the extended warranty!

  2. I found your blog through a cruise critic post. What a wonderful review (all the posts!)

  3. Enjoyed your review - made me laugh, and gave me some helpful tips! My husband and I are one of those people taking a Disney cruise in 2013 without kids - I don't think we are creepy! LOL