Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 6: Part 2, Pirate Night!

We reboarded the Disney Magic, and checked Declan into Kids' Club for our mutual period of respite, wherein Shane and I played and lost at Bingo, won a keychain at pub trivia, and then picked Declan up in time for dinner.
Tonight was Pirate Night, wherein everyone pretends to be pirates. 

Some pirates are happier than others.

 Pirate Night marks the first time I have willingly and with intent armed my son, buying him a 5 dollar sword to assist in swashbuckling.

 And swashbuckle he did.

 They set off a bunch of fireworks off of midships.  It was really spectacular, being way out in the Mediterranean, and having these fireworks go off so close to us.  It was almost magical. 

There was pirate dancing and character appearances and all sorts of buccaneer nonsense on deck. 

It was really a lot of fun, then back to our stateroom.  Or should I say, ARRRRRRRRR stateroom.

Avast me hearties- prepare to be boarded!  Here you can see the configuration of our close quarters. Our room steward has made up the coach into a bed for Declan to sleep on which you can see in the background, and there's the curtain seperating our bed from the "living room".

Would not de-pirate himself for bedtime.

Bathtowel origamist is really reaching now.

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