Saturday, December 17, 2011

The House that Serendipity Built.

Twice this Christmas season I've been thwarted in buying something for Declan, only to have someone give him that very thing later that same day.  The first time happened when I had to ditch an Elf on the Shelf kit in the bookstore because the lineup was too long, and we were due at gymnastics, only to turn up at gymnastics and be greeted by Celeste, who was bearing an Elf on the Shelf kit for Declan.  That seems fantastically providential, unless you know how many gifts Celeste buys for Declan over the course of the year.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  But then the same thing happened again, when after unsuccesfully trying to find a gingerbread kit for Declan, our friends the Whites gifted him a kit that same day with the pieces for a lovely gingerbread house all cut out, and candies, icing and fondant included. 

mmm ... candies....

Well the kit was lovely, until Declan and I put it together, that is:

More like a gingerbread crackhouse...

Somebody call the building inspector. I count 5 code violations in this picture alone.

Post-consumption of jujubes, gumdrops, m&ms and peppermints as part of an exacting quality control process.
We sure had fun putting it together though. 

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