Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 7: Day at Sea

Today was a Day at Sea, which was welcome break from the pressures of excursions, and having to be in a certain place by a certain time. Although now we had two dates with $10,000 bingo that were not to be missed. I had my eye on that sweet prize money I tell you.  These were our bingo hosts, who would occasionally break out into a little song and dance number, keeping us entertained all the while we were not winning ten thousand dollars.

We also made time for a character dance party. Here Pluto leaves Declan hanging.

And hanging...

 And hanging...

So for a change of scene, we went out and did some hanging around the pool.

Shane likened the swimming pools to the River Ganges.  Hard to argue that.

Declan liked the pool with the outdoor movie screen best.  They screened at least one current movie every day- on our cruise it was Cars 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  We never made it to movie time.
 There were also elaborate Disney stage shows every day, and today was the first one we went to one. It was very well-produced and enjoyable, but Declan almost fell asleep.  On our way out of the theatre we encountered Minnie and Mickey all dolled up for Formal Night.  We did the late seating for dinner at 8.30 so we hadn't got ready yet, but Declan wanted to get his picture taken anyway.

Can you tell how chuffed he is to meet Mickey?  He was thrilled.

Towel Origami: Turkey? Some sort of ground fowl.

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